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The castle of Vianden

THE CASTLE OF VIANDEN, the imposing home of the counts, was not only a medieval fortress in which comfort was sacrificed to defensive demands, but also a real palace (Henri-Paul Eydoux).

In Carolingian times, the castle was originally a decagonal tower, later transformed into a chapel. This chapel, the " Little Palace" and the "Great Palace" - the most beautiful parts of the castle - were erected in the first half of the 13th century. The Juliers Quarter, on the west side of the Great Palace, dates from the beginning of the 14th century, whereas the Nassau Quarter was only built at the beginning of the 17th century.

The castle was defended by strong fortifications, by gates and towers, of which notable examples are the " White Tower" on the northwest side, and the " Black Tower" on the northeast side.

You entered the castle through five gates, the first of which had a drawbridge and the fifth a descending grid. After this gate, you could enter the Little Palace by way of a staircase and a portal.

The Little Palace has on its ground-floor, a vaulted hall, divided into two rooms: the Captain's Hall, which is 5.90 m long, and the Armoury, which is 21 m long. The keystones are decorated with emblems of Vianden and Nassau. In the Byzantine Hall upstairs, there are some beautiful trefoil windows.

The Great Palace, on the right side of the Little Palace, is the largest part of the castle. The Knights' Hall, which covers the whole of the ground floor, is 30.30 m long and 9.60 m wide. The big cellar underneath, carved in rock, has the same dimensions.

The Chapel, the most remarkable part of the castle, is a double oratory, consisting of two separate floors, which communicate by an opening in the middle. This enabled the people of the town at participate in the religious ceremonies of the nobles, who sat above them. The count himself sat even higher up in a small balcony by him. Whereas the lower chapel is built in the Romanesque style, the upper chapel has the lightness and the radiance of the later Rhenish transition style.

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